Tease Technique Series

Ever wanted to flutter fans like Sally Rand? Twirl Tassels like Jenny Lee?
Take off gloves like Rita Hayworth?
Work a boa like Tempest Storm?
This is the series for you!

Tease Technique classes can add skills to a professional performer's repertoire, but are also appropriate for anyone, beginner to advanced!
Classes are small and limited to 4 students.

$15 a class or buy a 5 class punch card for $60!
Pre-registration required.
Check out the school calendar for exact dates and sign up for the newsletter to receive the latest class updates.

All classes are 60 minutes, please arrive 10 minutes before class to check in.

The Art of Gloves • Fan Dancing • Tassel Twirling • Everyday Striptease

The Appeal of Stocking Peels• Hula Hands and Flirting Eyes • Work That Boa!• Burlesque Confidence

$60 five punch card


The Art of Gloves

Gloves are often the first piece of clothing removed in a traditional strip tease, and while it seems silly to put a lot of work into just exposing your hands, it's amazing how erotic and sensual that simple removal can be! I'll guide you through a ton of glove strip options and set you on a path to develop your own signature glove peel! BYOGloves or purchase a black pair for $10.


Fan Dancing

Learn to dance with fans! This hands-on instruction uses fans that I've created- known as 'fixed' fans. I'll explain the construction and walk you through basic movements and choreography. We'll also discuss stave/folding fans and how they differ from the fixed fans. Feel free to BYOFans if you have them!



Tassel Twirling

Tassel twirling was one of the first 'gimmicks' in burlesque and it's still fascinating audiences today! I'll help you discover the easiest twirl for your ta-tas and teach you techniques to twirl tassels every which way. We'll also discuss the best way to incorporate them into a full burlesque number. BYO-Tassels or purchase a pair for $25.


Everyday Striptease

Learn to seductively take off anything from your personal wardrobe to create a little burlesque at home with whatever you usually wear. Come in what you wear at work, or dig into your 'naughty drawer'. Anything goes! Wear cute lingerie or a bodysuit underneath, whatever your comfort level.


The Appeal of Stocking Peels (Limit 3 students)

Garter belts and stockings just scream "SEXY" and can be the centerpiece of a classic strip tease. Learn the magic technique to unclasping garter clips and how to peel away stockings with finesse! BYO-Garters and stockings, or buy a set from me for $10 (fits up to a 40" waist)


Hula Hands and Flirting Eyes

I will show you my personal techniques that will help you to use your eyes and hands for a more effective and graceful strip tease- and help with your everyday gracefulness! Drawing attention, highlighting movement and entrancing a room with your eyes and hands!


Work that Boa!

Learn how to make a boa do more than just hang around your neck! I will show you techniques to incorporate boas into a burlesque number and talk about how to use boas of different feathers and weights. BYO-Boa or purchase one for $10


Burlesque Confidence

Find out the 'secret' techniques used by burlesque performers to project a sexy, confident attitude, even in everyday life. I have taught this course to all kinds of women, including the staff of Denver's Corner Office restaurant in the Curtis Hotel.


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